Protesters perplexed by Henry Moore’s Reclining Figures


BLM protesters and far right extremists are said to be perplexed over what action to take over dozens of reclining figures sculpted by Henry Moore and on display in public spaces throughout the UK. With most weighing over a couple of tons and miles away from the nearest harbour the statues are presenting a serious challenge to protesting aficionados.

Football Lads Alliance commented: ‘Anyone who touches these statues is insulting the memory of Moore and double O seven. He is a British institution who loved doing reclining birds. Me personally? I like the Venus de Milo, she’s a lot fitter even if she ain’t got no arms, but then she can’t fight back if you see what I mean.’

Attempting to put things into perspective, one critic said, ‘Unlike homages to people associated with historical slave culture, Moore’s figures are about form and space. They are surreal concepts encapsulating the celebration of family or man’s relationship with the environment, or despite their size, the ethereal beauty of the female form….oh fuck it, pass me a sledgehammer.’

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