Three Little Pigs planning permission rejected


Oldham Council Planning Committee have once again rejected the application for planning permissions from Pig, Pig and Pig builders. Mr B.B.Wolfe, responding for the Committee has pointed out that previous applications have been rejected for not following building regulations and being built prior to permission being approved.

‘The first one was erected predominantly from straw,’ said Mr Wolfe, noting that there were exceptional circumstances where wattle and daub construction can be approved, usually for preserving traditional listed buildings, ‘but not as a modern three up two down detached. They didn’t even consider sprinklers, for goodness sake,’ he said.

‘Then there was the premises constructed from sticks. A gazebo, yes, maybe; but a residence with a mezzanine and loft extension – not on my watch.

‘But, this latest monstrosity. OK, traditional and conventional brick construction – tick. But that’s it. No attempt at drainage, footings minim
al, no separation of cooking, eating and other living areas. I inspected the premises and, to be honest, it looks like a pigsty.

‘They say they’ll address the issues, but with their track record I doubt it and let’s face it – they tell porkies,’ he said, licking his lips.

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