Dominic Raab thought Juneteenth was a singer in Little Mix


Foreign Secretary and Martin Luther King fan, Dominic Raab has received more scorn heaped on existing levels of scorn, after saying he thought that Juneteenth was a singer in a popular girl band.

Speaking on talkRADIO, the Conservative MP said, “I’ve never heard of it. I didn’t know Juneteenth was a celebration of the end of slavery. It doesn’t sound anything special. It’s not like Independence Day or Christmas is it? Neither the Queen nor the Mrs told me about it, and I have to say, they’ll both be getting stiff departmental memos as soon as I’m back in the office.”

The Conservative MP, who was already under criticism for thinking that ‘Taking the Knee” was an operation that NHS surgeons did before the virus pandemic added, “The name rings a bell. I know Juneteenth wasn’t in Game of Thrones because I know all the characters by heart, so she must be a singer in the girl band, Little Mix, who I saw on X Factor.

“Did I mention by the way, that I love black people, including Katie Hopkins and like to hug them at every available opportunity?”

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