‘Deep dive’ essentially a Google search, confirms manager


A colleague who indicated that they had undertaken a ‘deep-dive’ to fully investigate a topic, has basically done some rudimentary cut and pasting from the first few entries from a Google search, it has emerged.

Mike Jones, 44, head of regional pricing strategy at your company, highlighted in a recent team pulse’ meeting the need for a thorough analysis of potential price points for the new KP216 model or whatever it is you are launching next month, and immediately took ownership of the deliverable, arguing he was well suited to ‘ride herd’.

‘It was the right seat on the bus for me, and I’ve swept the shed’, Jones confirmed to you and assembled colleagues in the follow-up meeting today. ‘Peeled the onion right back and done a full meta-analysis. You can see from the swim lanes in this Excel sheet how this will now play out’.

‘Its all bollocks’, said Susan, your team leader. ‘If he peeled back the onion, the first layer he came to must have been the Wikipedia entry on pricing strategy as that’s where he’s stolen his summary document from. His presentation needs to be archived in the metal round file.’

‘Time for everyone to paddle on both sides now’, continued Jones, as everyone shuffled out of the meeting room. ‘There’ll be a few rooster calls over the coming days, and we’ll all be eating Al Desko for the foreseeable’.

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