Seventies TV comedy and quiz shows arrive in 21st century Covid-19 era with a bang!


Seventies TV comedy and quiz shows arrive in the 21st century Covid-19 era.
With updated PC versions starting with:

Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Distancing Club.

Love Thy Neighbour Regardless.

Bless All Our Houses.

People About The House.

Rising Damp…Revolution

Monty Python’s Air Bridge Flying Circus

Mum and Dads Army

PPE..Get Some In!

Nearest and Dearest..available to hug after 6th July.

Doctor in The House…sorry video calls only.

All Gas and No Traitors…..says Putin.

Are You Being a Subservient…yet?

Please Sir…can I come back to school yet?

On The Buses..with your mask.

Open all Hours.. as from 15th June.

Till Death Us Do Part…exchange on Ebay.

Non Citizen Ian Duncan Smith…..(cnut)

Fawlty Towers Collapses Into Administration

Are You Being Tested?

It Ain’t Half Infectious Mum!

What’s my Ventilator Airline

Grandma Upstairs, Kids Downstairs. For three sodding months.

Give us a Clue, plead Indoor Gyms

Miss World of Leather Layoffs

Porridge Bolognaise, as that’s all There was in Tesco

That’s Quite Enough of The Professionals, says Gove

Steptoe and Sunday Trading Lifeline for Economy

Blankety Blank-eyed Killer Stare of Dominic Cummings

3-metre, 2-metre, 1-metre- f*ck it, Whatever you Like in Primark

COVID Traced to Bullseye Stir-Fry

The Price is Right through the Roof for Handgel

Call My Brother to check he’s Still Alive

The Golden Shot of Hydroxychloroquine, says Trump

Ask the Family to Forget About Seeing Grandma Again

It Ain’t Half Got Mum

Citizen Smith – Cower From the People

Rising Cramp

Terry and June Lockdown Easing


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