9 in 10 Victims Of Police Brutality Have Underlying Conditions, Argue Officials


LOUISVILLE - Defending their departments extreme use of force, law enforcement officials have provided staggering evidence that 91 per cent of people who have died at the hands of officers had at least one underlying health condition.

“You can’t blame us every time somebody dies just because of circumstantial evidence like being shot in the face or electrocuted by one of our officers” said police chief Frank Drenam, who pointed to evidence that many victims of police brutality had shown an array of health complaints including strep throat, indigestion and eczema before adding that even perfectly healthy victims who die at the hands of the police were likely to “get in a car crash or something later in life anyway”

He went on to explain how older, less mobile victims make it difficult for them to perform their duties “Listen, if you’re going to fall into a coma at the merest shove to the ground, maybe you shouldn’t be out walking around in public”.

Several officers from the department have spoken of how many of the citizens they approach seem to show evidence of high blood pressure, anxiety and stress further suggesting the problem may well lie with public health.

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