WWE Decides Ric Flair Old Enough To Be Told Wrestling Not Real


Connecticut - Vince McMahon revealed that he and wife Linda have finally decided to tell the truth about pro-wrestling to Hall-of-Famer, Ric Flair. The WWE chairman knew the time had come after the 16-time world champion found rival wrestler The Undertaker checking emails in the locker room moments after being supposedly buried alive in the conclusion of a brutal contest.

“We were worried he might start talking to our younger talent, so the best thing to do was just be straight with him.” McMahon told reporters. The relationship between them is now said to be strained, with the 71-year-old sharing his disappointment at the news. The worst part was knowing they’d deceived me… I wondered what else they’d lied to me about. Is Papa Shango not really a Witch Doctor from parts unknown? Are my wife and kids real or part of some kind of storyline? Nothing makes sense anymore”.

It’s not the first time a wrestler has been angered by the deception, with wrestler ‘Dr Death’ tragically finding out that he wasn’t actually a doctor while performing a 9-hour heart bypass operation. The story has renewed debate on the correct age to have the ‘wrestling talk’ with many arguing it can ruin the magic of Wrestlemania.

Mike, 12, from Memphis argues that believing in the sport is his father’s last chance to experience a little wonder and magic before the harsh realities of old age seep in “believing that Stone Cold Steve Austin can overcome the odds to win the world title after being thrown off a ladder through a table while double-fisting beers is one of the few things giving him hope that he can get his life together after the divorce”.

The news comes days after Martial Arts Icon Chuck Norris was informed he wasn’t an actual Texas Ranger, following a local man’s skull being fractured by a roundhouse kick during a routine roadside stop.

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