Johnson to use wheelchair to promote ‘New Deal’ definitely not because of recent press-up mishap

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Whilst Boris Johnson has long been an admirer of Winston Churchill, even attempting mimic the great wartime leader, insiders believe his Special Advisor, Dominic Cummings, now wants the PM to be more like President Franklin Roosevelt and use a wheelchair in order to help sell his ‘Rooseveltian’ ‘new deal’, the PM’s economic plan to help kick start the economy again and level up the country.

Whilst FDR required the use of a wheelchair after becoming struck down with Polio, critics have pointed out that the real reason for Johnson’s wheelchair maybe more to do with the PM’s inability to level himself up following an attempted press-up performed for cameras in recent days.

Colleagues of Cummings have been quick to refute this claim, with one saying ‘The PM’s press-up was a brilliant piece of PR. The PM looked strong and virile. Who has ever seen the Prime Minister in such a pose like this before, apart from one or two female employees of The Spectator?’

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