A poem for Super Saturday, with apologies to Dorothy Parker


Oh yes, Super Saturday’s going to be great
Because Britain’s a sensible nation
As we exit from lockdown, we’ll exercise care
To act with our known moderation

There’s no chance on Earth we’ll descend on the shops
And let COVID-19 run free
Or pack out the pubs like sardines in a can
Then if it goes wrong, say ‘Not me’

We did not, you’ll recall, descend on the beach
At the very first chance that we got
We didn’t forget to stay six feet apart
Or leave behind turds in a box

The Brits of today have such great common sense
Their brain power has never been higher
They didn’t vote Tory, they didn’t vote leave
And they’d never believe a posh liar

For Britain today is a sensible place
A warm, friendly old Ruritania
There’s no way this whole thing is going tits-up
And I am Marie of Romania

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Posted: Jul 3rd, 2020 by

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