Police injured while breaking up rioting book borrowers in library-ageddon


Chaotic scenes erupted in Bromsgrove this morning as hundreds of frustrated library-goers went berserk, after queuing outside since 4 am.

A mob of people swarmed inside, smashed perspex screens, pushed over community services display stands and left three librarians fearing for their lives. Police responded to an emergency call within minutes of the doors opening.

Senior furloughed librarian, Pauline Tennant, 43, said she’d never seen anything like it.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it. We knew about super Saturday of course, but I thought that was going to be pubs and bars. A vicious mob came running into the library, hurling abuse at the space marshalls and fighting amongst themselves over the books.

What really took us by surprise was the large queue that formed at the returns desk, all of whom had quite substantial  fines to pay as their books were being returned almost three months late. It all got quite ugly at one point.

However, most of the trouble was in the Classic Literature section. We witnessed a gang of people scoop up everything we had, including all the Dostoevsky’s and the shelves were stripped bare in two minutes flat. The only time the fighting stopped was when they formed an orderly line and checked out their books.

The police tried to defend the Philosophy section, but even with tear gas, they faced a losing battle. The rioters took all our Wittgenstein and Nietzsche volumes, and all we’ve got left are a couple of Kants.’

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