Care homes to blame for The Gunpowder Plot, WW2 and John Lennon leaving Cynthia

Conservative MP and leadership contender Boris Johnson takes part in a Conservative Party East Midlands Hustings event in Nottingham, central England, on July 6, 2019. - Britain's leadership contest is taking the two contenders on a month-long nationwide tour where they will each attempt to reach out to grassroots Conservatives in their bid to become prime minister. (Photo by OLI SCARFF / AFP)OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

Boris Johnson has produced more examples of care home incompetence, following his allegations that the spread of Covid-19 is all their fault, as none of them would know what a face mask is if it fell on their heads.

He has now accused care homes of being behind a conspiracy to blow up parliament, kick-start a major conflict in 1939 and encourage one of the finest singers the country has ever known, to leave his first wife.

While taking time off from his part-time apprenticeship on a building site, the Prime minister said that care homes have some serious questions to answer. The government would be rightly holding them to account and blaming them for most things that have ever happened.

Joe Mee, 43, Deputy Manager of the Sunny Uplands care home in Reigate, was visibly angered by the accusations.

‘This is all a bit rich. Admittedly care homes were involved in the Suez Crisis, when they forgot to change the sheets for Anthony Eden’s mum. However, we must remember that we are being accused of incompetence by a government run by an inept bunch of public school buffoons, who sent PPE to car workers instead of care workers.’

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