Trump’s niece makes startling new claim that her uncle is a drag queen


Mary Trump, the niece of the Supreme Leader of the USA, has made another devastating claim about him in her new book.

Apart from telling the world that Mr Trump believes he is the Messiah, loves Mariachi music and thinks Baghdad is a luxury handbag brand, she has accused him of being a secret drag queen.

Ms Trump alleges that the President’s walk-in personal closet, known amongst inner circles as ‘Wardrobe One’, is packed with over 150 sparkly dresses. There is also a pick and mix section devoted to female lingerie, stacks of high heels and enough mascara and sequins to sink the Sixth Fleet.

‘Uncle Donald,’ she writes, ‘or Bleachy Peachy as he calls himself, loves nothing more than to strut up and down the Oval office, singing at the top of his voice. His extensive repertoire includes, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, ‘Mamma Mia’, and ‘Baby One More Time.’

The White House was quick to send in a high-ranking Plausibility Denial officer who denied there was any truth in these implausible allegations.

‘President Trump emphatically rejects the wild claims made by his soon-to-be-relocating-to-Guantanamo niece. There is absolutely no way Mr Trump would be caught singing ‘Mamma Mia’, as he much prefers “You Think You’re a Man,’ by Divine.

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