Dylan ‘beyond disappointed’ after hearing tambourine song


In a song title that’s finally come back to haunt him, Bob Dylan today experienced what it’s actually like to hear a song played by a ‘Mr Tambourine Man’. The verdict? It’s pretty dull.

It was in 1965 that a young Dylan sang his famous song but it took almost 50 years for the famed troubadour to meet a busker ready to ‘play a song for me’.

The encounter happened while the grizzled Dylan, now 108 and still suffering from folk, was being walked in New York’s Central Park. A street entertainer spotted the folk/rock legend and began to play a song on his tambourine. Witnesses claim that Dylan’s expression darkened as it became clear that a song played exclusively on a tambourine, a totally percussive instrument with a limited notational range, was really pretty fucking boring.

An onlooker described the moment. ‘Dylan wasn’t sleepy and there was no place he was going to. But you could tell straight away that a song played on the tambourine wasn’t going to tempt Bob or anyone else to take a trip on a magic swirling ship.’

Another witness said there no discernible melody. “It was just bang jingle, bang jingle. Like that.’

That could have been the busker’s mistake. A spokesman for Bob Dylan said it was only in the jingle jangle morning that he’d follow you.


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