Man returns Galaxy S20 in record 24 hours


Dave Ellis from Spalding has returned his Galaxy S20 in a record time, confirms the Guinness Book of World Records. Dave explained that he wasn’t that impressed with the phone, or its price, when he was sold it by carphone Warehouse staff yesterday.

‘I only popped into the store to ask for directions to B&Q and the guy at the desk asked to see my phone, he said he would show me how to use the Google maps app so I didn’t have to ask for directions. Apparently the Nokia 3310 doesn’t have Google maps,’ he said.

So they sold me this new Samsung and I took it home, feeling pretty pleased even if I still hadn’t got the tongue and groove board to repair the shed with. Then the wife took the phone and loaded something called WhatsApp on it, my brother loaded something called Grindr and my kids loaded a shed load of games, apps and something called the Dark Web, which I expect is something to do with knitting, not that I expected to lend it to my wife much.

‘But then I had to call work as part of my furlough scheme and the phone reported that I had to delete some apps if I wanted the phone feature to work. I tried texting Carphone Warehouse for help, but got the same message. In the end I took it back to the shop and they were really dismissive, asking if I really wanted to use it as a phone. In the end they gave me my money back, which was useful because I’d noticed a sign for B&Q on my return journey and managed to buy enough tongue and groove to build a new shed, and a chop saw – whatever one of them is – with the refund.’

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