Banksy doesn’t know who he is either


Underground guerrilla Bristol street stencil spray paint artist Banksy may be suffering from early-onset dementia, it has been revealed, due to inhaling too many paint aerosol fumes over the years. The legendary street artist, who paints gigantic political cartoons on buildings or sprays his views and witty comments wherever he likes, was reportedly admitted to a care home by his parents, who were fed up with him living at home and wanted to let out the spare room.

‘He’s got millions in his account, but still refuses to pay us a bit of rent so we can make ends meet,’ said Mr Banksy senior, a graffiti art remover for Bristol Council. ‘Now we’ve painted the walls white and got a lovely top-end mattress in for our first tenant, a nice young lady called Tracey Emin. Our only rules are: no vodka, wine, cigarettes, pissing, shitting, vomiting or used tampons in the bed, but, just to be on the safe side. we have fitted a mattress protector.’

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