NFL team The Alabama KKK Nazi Motherf@*ers admit name might be problematic


Following the Washington Redskins groundbreaking decision to change their offensive name and logo, the Alabama KKK Nazi Motherfu*@ers have admitted that their name could have negative connotations.

The Motherfu*@ers have been under considerable pressure from their main corporate sponsor, ‘Hoods R Us.’

Cigar chomping owner, Hank Silverstein Jnr, who took over from his father and founder Grand Wizard Hank Silverstein Snr, said they were looking into the issue.

“We recognise the name is politically incorrect in today’s climate, but we have taken significant steps to address the situation. We’ve removed the statue of daddy holding up a noose from the front of the stadium, stopped burning crosses during the half-time interval and we’ve had no lynchings on company property for over two years.

A furious NFL spokesperson said ‘You’d think these racist scumbags would wise up. The name is a total abomination, and despite advice from the federal government, they’ve never signed a black player. That probably explains why the Motherfu@ers have never won a game and always come bottom of their division.’

Fellow owner Randy Burgermeister, of the mighty New Orleans Dick Gobblers, said, ‘I’ve been telling Hank for years that one day the name would catch up with him. Folks don’t take kindly to ‘Motherf*@ers’, and he should change it to something less sexist, like ‘Parentfu*@ers’. Otherwise, it’s fine.


Hat-tips SteveB, Sinnick, Oxbridge

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