Attenborough’s new film features Priti Patel spending her summer chewing wasps

Sir David Attenborough’s groundbreaking new nature documentary explores how wasps survive in the hostile environment of Priti Patel’s mouth. Long considered to be a delicacy by the Home Secretary and minor Bond villain, this is the first time some of the insects have been captured on film.

The world-renowned naturalist, writer and broadcaster described some of the highlights.

‘We have the British Idler wasp, which used to infest Job Centres up and down the country, before the pandemic. There is also rare footage of the long-forgotten Ruttnam Stinger as well as sightings of the Leicester Sweatshop Wasp, a new personal favourite of Mrs Patel and well known for keeping its workers in overcrowded conditions.

Mrs Patel is currently chewing on an eleven-year-old Sudanese wasp which she wants to deport, despite it being at severe risk of dissection on arrival in its home country.’

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