Oh this year I’m not off to sunny Spain!


All the Tory ladies they did swoon for Boris
His smile infectious back in those Brexit days
and yet you knew each time he meets a lovely filly
His rampant willy would try to get its way
But even Bojo couldn’t fight it off
As Covid 19 made him sweat and cough

Oh this year I’m not off to Sunny Spain Y Viva Espana
Cause Dominic has cancelled all the planes Y Viva Espana
Can’t chat up Tracy, Bev and Dor, nor even poor Sandra
And risk my maracas getting sore, Espana por favor

Given the chance, a hot romance would be the answer
A matador or flamenco dancer would be fine
Someone who’d sweep me off my feet like Valentino
I think it helped that I was p&%%3d on cheap red wine
He held me close, it almost was obscene
And within a day I got Covid 19

Oh this year I’m not off to Tenerife Y Viva Espana
My insurance won’t pay up, the bloody thief Y Viva Espana
When I’m home I’m in quarantine for weeks or furloughed like Tanya
I’m paddle less and stranded up s&^t creek Espana por favor

When I first arrived my skin was pink and pasty
But in a week or so well ‘everything’ would brown
But now it looks that I’ll be in the airport queuing
The locals shooing us quickly out of town
My air bridge has collapsed within a day
and now I find I’m going back the other way

Oh this year the Balearics off the cards Y Viva Espana
And learning all that Spanish, that was hard, Y Viva Espana
Next year it’s Blackpool or Skegness on sea, self-catering in a camper
That’s the end of f^$%*g Spain for me, Espana por favor



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