‘A week in Estepona well worth the risk’ insists holidaymaker


A group of holiday makers returning from a week in Estepona say getting away from the UK for a few days was well worth the risk.  The six friends landed at East Midlands Airport early this morning only to be told they will have to quarantine for the next 14 days.

But 23 year old Jason Beesley from Tamworth insists he does not regret the decision and would do it again tomorrow if he could afford it.  ‘It was mental’ said Mr.Beesley ‘we were off our faces from the minute we got there to the minute we got back on the plane…..it was just like being back home.

‘We found an English bar that did traditional English breakfasts and was showing the football…and we stayed in there all day….it was brilliant.  I even got another tattoo…..look…it says ‘estúpido coño’.….I don’t know what it means – probably a local beer or something – but most of the other Brits had the same one.

‘OK…so I got laid off because the boss didn’t want to risk me infecting all the other lads….but from what I can remember of it…it was great…I’m pretty sure it was sunny too……so who’s the loser now sucker.

‘I bought grandad a straw donkey to put on top of his ventilator….he’ll love it’.

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