Government to change length of week to 10 days


The government is to change the length of a week from the traditional 7 days to 10 days.

“It makes sense in so many ways.”, said Chris Grayling, speaking from going round and round in a revolving door.

The new decimal week will make daily rate calculation much easier and mean that government advice to quarantine for a week after exposure to Covid remains unchanged. I’m sure the new days; Deeday, Robinday, Dorisday and Whamday will prove extremely popular.”

When asked how the names had been chosen, Mr Grayling explained; “Mark Francois chose the first one and I remember there used to be famous days in the past that should be revived. Wham was named in honour of George Michael who got me through some tough times in the 80s. Very tough.”

When it was pointed out that he’d introduced 4 extra days when he actually only needed 3, Mr Grayling replied that journalists should “stop talking down Britain.”

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