Caravanning in Rhyl the only viable option left for cash poor Greek holidaymakers

Just a tiny bit of ouzo made everything great

Tough restrictions on how much cash can be withdrawn from Greek banks have left citizens with no choice but to be slightly less ambitious with their holiday plans this summer, it has emerged. With some banks restricting both online and cash withdrawals to less than €50 per-day, many have found that a week’s break in a two berth caravan in Rhyl is the only achievable getaway.

‘We’d ordinarily head into mainland Europe, like Italy or somewhere like that’, explained Mykonos father of three, George Adamopolous. ‘But given that cash machines can only spit out a few euros a day, we can now only afford to either get half way to Athens in a rubber dinghy where we’ll probably drown, or a one week stop in an battered caravan in Rhyl. I was all for the dinghy idea but the wife reckons Rhyl is worth a shot’.

Denbighshire Council’s head of tourism David Jones, who hadn’t received a phone call or email for seven years before the recent downturn in Greece, said: ‘I’m really busy reopening old arcades, shooing away scousers and clearing up used needles on the beach. They’ll fit in here because everybody knows that if you have no cash and want a holiday, Rhyl and suicide are the only real options’.

Welsh tourism expert Rhys Williams said: ‘They needn’t worry about not finding something to do in Rhyl, they’ll have heaps of fun. Providing they don’t make eye contact with anyone, leave their caravans between 7pm and 10am, or drink any tap water, they’ll never want to leave’.

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