Loss Adjuster comes out of retirement for ‘one last job’

'You know you've got a motherfuckin £250 excess don't you?'

When Clive Barnes of Barnes & Snodgrass Loss Adjusters turned up unannounced at the Costa del Sol villa of his former colleague Trevor Clark his wife Angie knew what it meant.

‘Trevor promised me years ago that he’d given up the loss adjusting game for good but when Clive turned up I knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist one last job’ sobbed Angie. ‘Clive told him it was a big one – a bank on the King’s Road. It was fire and water damage he said, just like the old days. He wanted Trevor because he was experienced and he needed a cool head, not some cocky kid still wet behind the ears.’

Barnes told the 58-year old retired loss adjuster that he wouldn’t go back on the plane without him at which point Angie pleaded with Trevor not to listen. ‘I begged him not to go but I could see in his eyes that it was too late. We’d made a good life out here but for Trevor there was nothing to match the thrill of loss adjusting.’

When Clark went off to pack his bag Angie made Barnes agree that he would leave them alone after the job was done. ‘And when I told them to go, Trevor promised me he’d be home soon and not to worry. I told him just to make sure he was back in time to turn over that jewellers at the end of the month like we’d planned.’


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