Lib Dems to introduce nationwide “opt out scheme” to choose new leader


The Liberal Democrats are to change the rules on choosing their leader, says Vince Cable.

Under new proposals (to be known as ‘deemed consent’ or ‘opt out’), everybody in the UK would be considered a potential future Lib Dem Leader unless they have added their details to the Lib Dem Leadership Exemption Register to say that they do not wish to lead the Party, or are in one of these excluded groups: the DUP, UKIP, KKK or Little Mix.

Mr Cable told a reporter, “Over 80% of British adults say they would definitely, or would consider, becoming Lib Dem leader, but less than 1% of the UK population has registered as a fully paid-up Liberal Democrat member.

Under the current system, people who want to lead the Lib Dems have to be card carrying members of the party. Often members’ families are unaware that their loved has even considered joining, let alone leading, the party.”

He continued, “If a person has not admitted to joining the Lib Dems, then our specially trained volunteers are around to sensitively provide information to families to help them to come to a decision about whether their loved one should be the next leader.”

Critics of the scheme claim it is unworkable and that Mr Cable may be finally losing it.

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