Suspicious man spotted not performing sex act at dogging site

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Doggers in the Lake District have been warned to be on the lookout for a white male around 40 years old seen lurking around open-air sex venues showing no evidence of lewdness.

Doggers Stacey Betts and Gareth Hammond first noticed him at Gladding-on-Lewe lay-by last Tuesday. “We were just minding our own business having a threesome in the back of our Ford Galaxy when we noticed this creepy guy just sitting in his car listening to the radio”, says Stacey. “It made me feel uncomfortable”.

Delivery driver Jason Lemm also noticed him as he passed by. “The doggers were there as usual doing their thing”, he says, “but what stuck out was this weird man, fully dressed and not even carrying a box of Kleenex or a sex toy”.

However, a Department of Environment spokesman has urged people not to be alarmed, as the interloper is “probably a harmless eccentric” who came to enjoy the scenery or follow in Wordsworth’s footsteps. He advises doggers who feel threatened by any suspicious stranger to move to a less remote location with better lighting, such as the median strip on the M6.

Gareth is not reassured, however: “It just ruined the moment for us. We put our clothes back on and took a roundabout route home, in case he followed us”.

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