Noam Chomsky to host new series of Total Wipeout

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In a surprising move, the BBC today announced that the 91 year old linguistics professor would replace insurance premium worrier Richard Hammond as the host of the anarchic gameshow later this year.

An enthusiastic, if slightly incredulous BBC spokesman explained, ‘We’re thrilled to have Noam on board. We firmly believe that his ground-breaking theories of transformational-generative grammar, and his searing indictments of US foreign policy will be the perfect accompaniment to a hyperactive PE teacher from Bedford hopelessly trying to bound across five giant, bright red balls like some form of demented human pinball machine.’

Chomsky was also delighted with his new role. ‘I’ve been dreaming of this for ages. To be honest, all those papers on syntactic structures and writing complicated books that people never read but still strangely displayed prominently on their bookshelves was just a stepping stone to getting the gig as the host of an Saturday evening light-entertainment show. It’s going to be, like, totally sick.’

However some critics have reacted cynically to the news, suggesting that this it simply an attempt to cash in Richard Dawkins’ recent acclaimed reboot of Blind Date, and Gilbert and George’s surprisingly successful Amazon Prime motoring show.

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