London Marathon runner ‘disappointed’ he can’t not run the marathon

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Like many London Marathon registrants, Alan Fox from Daventry was pragmatic when the London Marathon was postponed in April. ‘To be honest I hadn’t done any preparation for the event so it was a bit of a relief to know I didn’t have to call all my sponsors on the eve and explain I’d sprained my ankle or lost the Big Bird outfit in the dry cleaning, but the change in date gave me six more months to prepare to not run the marathon.’

Unfortunately for Alan the London Marathon is only going to include elite runners this autumn. ‘I don’t think I qualify,’ he said today, eying up the running shoes he had yet to lace up. ‘I did start the Couch to 6k challenge a few months ago, but only completed the couch bit,’ he explained. ‘I’m ready to not compete if they call for me, but sadly I suspect I’ll have a believable excuse to not run the marathon again this year.’

Alan is now in a quandary as to whether he has to hand back the £63.30 he raised in sponsorship money. ‘If I factor in my training expenses,’ he said, holding up the laces he bought on eBay for the trainers he found in a skip in a neighbour’s drive, ‘I’d have to hand back £63 dead. Then I’d have to work out who would have to lose out for the thirty pence. Best I use it to invest in my training to not climb Everest. I think it will just about cover the cog railway fare up Snowdon and my petrol,’ he mused.

‘I’ll try and raise some sponsorship for a coffee at the top,’ he said.

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