Blackberrying and looking in skips, this Summer’s top crazes


As we enter the final month of summer, two clear winners have emerged in the things people do for fun now. Blackberrying got off to a strong start due to good weather and even some blackberry bushes were surprised their fruit was ripe already. It’s easily the second most fun thing you can do on tiptoes in a thicket. And you can have a crumble after.

Looking in skips has always been popular with keen DIYers on a budget but now everyone’s doing it. There’s been some good skip admin by skip owners this season, putting things people might want (slightly squashed Christmas crackers, DVDs of Lovejoy and plant pots) in front of the skip for a day or two and only putting them right into the skip just before it’s due to be collected.

And with the UK’s growing unemployment, they may be the only two viable professions left.

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