OFQUAL to take over Covid-19 testing


The departments of Education and Health have combined to help sort out the covid-19 test issues. Your GP will provide an assessment as to whether you would pass or fail the covid-19 test based on their knowledge of you and your performance in similar tests over the past 2 years. You will be able to take a mock covid-19 test which can be used as a backup should you not like your GPs assessment.

Your GP will supply to OFQUAL a list of the their patients ranked according to the likelihood of them passing or failing a covid-19 test. Ofqual will apply their ‘randomising’ algorithm to this list so it bears no resemblance to the original list and then contact you to let you know if you have tested positive or not.

In either case you will be able to appeal, but by appealing and successfully changing your result you will cause the ranking to change and the randomising function will be re-run and everyone will get a new result. Please note, that students from poorer backgrounds are statistically more likely to fail and die – which will at least take their mind off their crappy Alevel results.

In other news, universities will be giving new students an antibody test, to see if they have had A levels in the past.

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