Government to relocate ‘The Spot’ after repeated fiascoes keep putting Boris on it


Whitehall officials are currently reviewing the location of ’The Spot’ which is causing considerable embarrassment for Downing Street following fiasco after fiasco.

Since becoming PM, Boris has been put on ‘The Spot’ over the lockdown fiasco, the PPE fiasco, the care home fiasco, The Russian Report fiasco, the not suspending a Tory MP accused of some unpleasant goings-on fiasco, the exam results fiasco and of course the Cummings capers fiasco.

He has been put on the spot on numerous occasions by Laura Kuennsberg, Sir Kier and a woman from Sunderland.

A senior spokesperson said, ‘Being put on ‘The Spot’ on such a regular basis is not a good look. Moving ‘The Spot’ is a complex operation, but we believe it can be done.

As we are still subject to EU rules, we do require the permission of all 27 member states. However, Mr Jenricks relaxation of all planning regulations on a global basis should sweep aside most objections, and we expect the builders to come in on Monday morning. No fiasco permitting of course.’

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