KKK to suspend burning of crosses during coronavirus pandemic


A leading KKK clansman has confirmed that the burning of crosses will not be performed at this years flagship clan gathering in Texas. The clansman said there would be significant changes to this years Klonvokation but any measures put in place were only temporary and were aimed at protecting the lives of clan members.

It had been reported that the burning of crosses could be phased out all together amid concerns over anti-racism and negative stereotyping following the BLM movement. But the clan leader reassured fellow clansmen that the suspension of cross burning was due to the coronavirus pandemic and would return once the crisis had blown over.

The burning of crosses has been central to KKK celebrations for decades and fears that the tradition could be dropped from the programme had been fuelling online.

‘We always close a clan meeting with the traditional burning of a cross’, said one redneck today. ‘For clan members it is the most rousing and uplifting part of the ceremony. This year the carrying of crosses will go ahead just the same as usual but without a live audience.’

‘The wearing of face masks over the capirote will be left to the individual, but we certainly don’t recommend it.
We may have lost the burning cross for this year but we still have the noose and tree branch to enjoy’, added the Imperial Kludd. ‘So there will still be plenty to celebrate.’
‘One final reminder for fellow clansmen’, he continued. ‘Please don’t forget the safe distancing rule. We don’t want to fall foul of the local law enforcement agencies here in Texas. You know how finickity they can be when it comes to enforcing law and order. We don’t want this to be the last night of the pogroms’.

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