TV magician’s career hanging by a thread as it’s revealed he can’t fly


A dynamic young magician has stunned fans by revealing he can’t actually fly, levitate or cut people in half and put them back together. He’s asked for several hundred more tricks and illusions to be taken into consideration. Fans have taken to social media to express their disappointment and question his ethic and morals.

‘How can he use the words ‘magician’ and ‘illusionist’ if he can’t actually do these things. It’s basic stuff to be able to levitate. I thought he could walk on water. Shattered,’ said one bystander.

‘Tip of the iceberg,’ said another. ‘I thinking they’ve been tricking us for years.’

It’s not the first time magicians have come under fire. Paul Daniels fooled many into believing he had a full head of hair until the rug was pulled from under his hat.

One was left unimpressed by David Copperfield’s live show.

‘Just a lot of talking as if Charles Dickens had come back to life. Not many tricks although he made two hours my life disappear and I still haven’t got them back.’

The Magic Circle have refused to comment and will not divulge any information as to the secret powers of their members. Only they and the thousands of ‘how to’ videos on YouTube know the answers.


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