Woman who was told “You got this!” finds out she doesn’t


Personal trainer Dan Stephens was in court today accused of fraudulently misleading a series of clients.

Janet Smith, 45, was training with Mr Stephens when she attempted to squat a 100lb barbell. Mrs Smith told the court that she began to have doubts and was about to step away from the squat rack. It’s at this point she claims that Mr Stephens leaned in and told her ‘You got this!’

Believing the qualified instructor, Janet took the weight on her shoulders and dropped into a deep and unforgiving squat.

Mrs Smith momentarily made 3 points of contact with the ground, before the barbell slipped off her shoulders. This instantly released built up tension in her ACL ligaments which sprang her across the gym and into a rack of Fitballs.

Mrs Smith waddled into court today to give her testimony. She was joined by Two other victims. Danielle Lewis, 23, who was crushed by a tractor tyre after being told to ‘Believe, Achieve, Succeed!’ And Pete Walker, who involuntarily defecated on a treadmill.

After hearing the case the Judge sentenced Stephens to five years in prison, telling Stephens that ‘what hurts you today will make you stronger tomorrow’.

On his way to the cells Mr Stephens told reporters that his lawyer had ‘Smashed it!’

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