Mrs Johnson’s Boys to be BBC new comedy for 2020


The BBC have unveiled a flagship new comedy show titled ‘Mrs Johnson’s Boys’ with the central character as a shambolic drag act called Stanley. Mrs Johnson’s ‘boys’, Boris, Jo, Leo and chums get on like a tower-block on fire, with similar calamitous consequences, only with a whole nation as victims. EU friends and neighbours are also stuck down by smoke-and-mirrors inhalation as Boris and his chums careen around haplessly, doing U-turns at speed and seemingly without a map or GPS Or Galileo.

Luckily, travel is not such an issue during these uncertain times, so the majority of the shitcom is set in Stanley’s kitchen or his castle, which in one memorable episode, Boris’ best chum Dominic gets hilariously wrong. Stanley and the boys cook up all manner of jolly japes to stick it to the Johnny foreigners and to the taxpayer. You will split your sides laughing while crying ‘Medic!’, safe in the knowledge that none shall appear as they all have terrible PPE or have left because they were over-qualified and vilified EU nationals.

This un-biased, wholesome right-wing series replaces the unsuccessful pilot with Boris as the central figure, as no-one knows quite how many boys he has.

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