Positive discrimination introduced for right-wing comedians


The BBC has announced a new quota system for right-wing comedians, to ensure equal representation.

“Not all disabilities are visible”, said a spokesman. “Some are, and we ensure that people with those disabilities get the last slot on any panel show. That’s why there’s always one person with either a physical disability – that bloke with the missing foot, for example – or a gay or a woman. Or a funny-coloured one. Sorry, to clarify – I don’t mean they’re funny, necessarily, more that their colour . . . you know what I mean.

“But some disabilities aren’t so obvious. Right-wing views, psychosis, etc – these are equally disadvantageous but only become apparent when the person has an episode or you become unemployed and need help. People like this will now have be rotated in to that last slot on panel shows. Obviously there are risks with inviting dangerous psychopaths onto Mock the Week, but at least they’re not Frankie Boyle”.

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