Bloke who agreed with Boris in the pub to become Minister


The Government has announced a series of new appointments based on the candidate selection process known as ‘Bloody Good Bloke’ Theory.

According to the theory the most important quality in a candidate is how well they will get along with the current team. If the interview panel thinks that he or she is a ‘Bloody Good Bloke’ then qualifications, experience and a successful police check become irrelevant.

“It’s all about the group dynamic” said an HR expert. “For a team to function effectively all members need to pull in the same direction, even if it’s off the edge of a cliff”.

What HR theory failed to predict was what would happen when a shower of wankers were given the power to hire new staff.

“Wankers are a special case”, conceded the expert. “There’s no formal definition of a ‘wanker’, though most people agree on their identification. In theory I suppose a team of wankers might just keep hiring other wankers until . . . well, complete organisational collapse, I suppose. But that would never happen, would it? What possible type of organisation would allow a complete tosser to rise to the top? Oh . . .”

Hat tip to Filthy Rich

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