Man unilaterally tears up agreement with HMRC


The UK Income Tax system is verging on breakdown, following the precedent set by Maurice Thompson of Doncaster in ripping up his deal with HMRC.

‘There were quite a few anomalies in my tax return questions,’ said Thompson, 56. ‘Like, ‘Where did all your money come from?’ I realised, hang about, these answers are going to cost you, mate. So I’ve decided to alter the agreement. I reckon ‘Where could your money, assuming you have any, have come from?’ is a much better question.’

‘HMRC’s version doesn’t really count any more, not now that I’ve decided I’m not in that HMRC club any more. In fact, I may start demanding they pay back the taxes they obviously took from me in error over the years. Next thing is to sort out just how much I’ve actually made this summer with my two full-time jobs. And then there’s the furlough money the government promised me. Not seen any of that yet. They’ve let me down badly on that. I mean, an agreement’s an agreement isn’t? You’ve got to know where you stand, right?’

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