‘Ad Brexitum’ replaces ‘ad Hitlerum’ as leading internet fallacy

Godwin's Law

Experts have confirmed that Brexit has replaced Hitler as the leading endpoint of online debates.

One researcher observed: ‘Such is the toxicity of Brexit that no-one has yet found a way of wanting to discuss anythingever again – let alone reviving a conversation once the ‘B-bomb’ has been dropped. Some online forums have become virtual mausoleums, with the final sentence recorded as ‘This is just like Brexit’, ‘Brexit means Brexit’ or ‘Will of the people’.’

‘Doubtless the Brexiteer believes the lack of any response means they triumphed over all other debaters. In fact, all they’ve done is construct a mindless inconsequential cul-de-sac from which anyone with a rational mind recoils in horror.’

‘Imagine giving a Michelin starred chef a microwave and they just walk off muttering in French. It hardly proves they cannot use it – simply that it’s a highly imperfect device for fine cuisine and an insult to their skills.’

A logician further explained: ‘The main problem is: not only does the argument not lead anywhere, it’s actually expressly designed to kill debate stone dead with a non sequitur. ‘Will of the people’? Well – so what? So is every general election. Then we have another one after five years. To imply that you can have one vote – but only once, with none to follow – is unmistakeably undemocratic and illiberal. ‘One vote to end all votes’, or ‘one debate to end all debates’, you might say.’

Experts remain puzzled why ‘reductio ad Brexitum’ has not had the same ‘cold water’ effect on Parliamentary debate, given that barely any other subject is discussed. One commentator suggested: ‘I can only deduce that Parliament remains impervious to logic.’

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