New game show coming in your face called ‘How Brazenly Can We Get Away With Shit?’


There is an explosive new TV game show in town and it’s called ‘How Brazenly Can We Get Away With Shit?’ In game shows of years gone by, the expectation was that contestants would hide their true nature and try their best to style it out. But ‘How Brazenly Can We Get Away With Shit?’ – a name that was chosen over ‘Untenable’ ‘Total Sell-out’ and ‘The Crapped-on Factor’ – encourages players to break the rules and make absolutely no attempt to hide any of it.

Creator of the new show, DC Titsmania, explained how he has become the envy of psychotic TV producers everywhere. ‘In our pilot episode, one contestant grabbed the hostess by her minge. In the past , years of messy lawsuits and a conviction. But now, bold moves like that are rewarded with cheers from the crowd, immense amounts of prize money, and the player gets to stay on the show.’

‘Another contestant poisoned his competitors. No one would argue that it was a cunning masterstroke, but it did get a bit boring as he just stuck to overtly poisoning every new opponent.’

‘This other weird guy, he came on more recently. At first we thought he was quite clever because he kept doing the opposite of what he said he was going to do. But then we realised he was just batshit brainmashed and didn’t really get anything. He tried shutting the show down. Then he said the show would be better if it left television and was just done as a local play. Then he grabbed all the prize money and started burning it. Everyone told him he was bonkers, but he just stood there and lied to all of us and said he was world-beating brilliant, even though the dead bodies were piling up right there on screen.’

‘The most important thing in our model for the show is retweets. The show is making phenomenal losses, and thousands are dying, but social media trending is king. You wouldn’t believe the number of people we make physically sick, but millions of them keep right on watching. Some even go on social media to tell us how disgusted they are, but we all just point and laugh at those bellends.’

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