Senior Government Lawyers consider if Super Injunctions can be broken in a ‘limited and specific way’


Senior government lawyers have paused packing boxes as they prepare to leave the Civil Service to ponder speculative questions around the breaking of Super Injunctions.

‘Hmm, yes, I suppose they could be broken under some limited and specific circumstances,’ said one senior lawyer, adding, ‘such as if there was a risk of violins.’  When asked to clarify he apologised and said he meant ‘a risk of violence’.

Would such a limited and specific break in the Super Injunction law have any strings attached?  The lawyer agreed that would seem to be the case.  Or in the case, he wasn’t too specific.  He said he liked to bow to the law and didn’t like to fiddle with it too much.  However, he agreed that breaking Super Injunctions in limited and specific ways shouldn’t be orchestrated, but shouldn’t be band either.

Ultimately anyone on the receiving end of a limited and specific breaking of a super injunction would have to ‘take it on the chin’, suggested the lawyer, taping up his law books in a box.  ‘They would probably have to face the music, I guess,’ he said, offering his full symphony for anyone so affected.

‘If they were feeling the tension then perhaps they should pluck up the courage to drop the injunction.  It would take guts,’ he noted. ‘Catgut, that is.’


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