UK to introduce ‘fishing quota’ for migrants


The Home Office has revealed plans to introduce an EU style ‘fishing quota’ to deter migrants attempting to cross the English Channel, claiming that this is necessary to stop the flood of migrants trying to land by boat and other assorted sailing vessel on UK shores. A Home Office representative said stricter regulations are needed to ensure that no one particular species of migrant is ‘over-saved’, which occurs when more people from one country or region are saved by rescuers than people from a different one.

A ‘catch and release’ programme has already been devised to regulate the bycatch of migrants taken on board a Border Force rescue vessel. The new regulations state that each vessel is limited to just five different foreign nationals in any one rescue mission. Therefore, if a vessel happens to rescue more than its allotted quota of migrants, the ‘by-catch’ will be thrown back in the water.

Home Office minister Jason Beesley confirmed the quota initiative is needed to help bolster the UK’s burgeoning bottom feeders, on which their numbers depend. Although bottom feeder stocks have grown in recent years – thanks in the main to Tory government policy and tabloid rhetoric – more than ever are needed to feed the UK’s growing appetite for control.

One Border Force patrol operative has complained that the quota initiative is seriously flawed ‘This morning we rescued 63 Syrian refugees from a boat in the English Channel,’ he said. ‘And because we are only allowed to land 50, we had to throw the other 13 back in the water. It’s very wasteful, they were perfectly healthy and could have contributed to our economy. Simply because of this bit of bureaucratic red tape, we had to dump them overboard’.

However, the minister hit back, arguing that such quotas are an EU initiative and nothing to do with the government. ‘We’re just implementing one of their policies. If it’s good enough for the EU to impose quotas then surely it’s good enough for us. Hopefully Brexit will save us from this kind of things.’

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