Widespread use of ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ notices welcomed by The Shipman Society

harold shipman

Their founder might be gone, but followers of Harold Shipman have welcomed Covid-19 as the perfect GP’s assistant.

“Look, sometimes people are just old, and you have to kill them” said one GP. “There might be nothing medically wrong with them but they’re really old. And working class. And then the kindest thing to do is to provide a massive dose of morphine and let nature take its course”.

The Shipman Society was established in 2004 to continue his work and refine Shipman’s methods. The Liverpool Care Pathway was an early success, but the Society’s greatest achievement has been the use of Do Not Resuscitate notices for the elderly, for people with learning difficulties and for ‘that bitch I used to be married to’.

The long-term goal of the Shipman Society is to ‘penetrate to the highest levels of government to effect a massive cull’, though this is obviously unachievable. Nobody seriously believes that a UK government would participate in the . . . . oh

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