Woman persuaded by survey data within TV advert


A Daventry woman has been totally persuaded to buy a product by the on screen survey data included as a footnote in an advert, it has emerged. Sarah Jones was watching a L’Oreal shampoo advert during the interval on Coronation Street and was initially sceptical about the claim made in the voiceover that Elvive Colour Protector gave users better and deeper shine in just 4 weeks. But her mind was soon changed.

‘The survey results at the bottom of the screen blew me away, to be honest’, said Jones. ‘91% of 85 users agreed that it gave them better shine – that’s nearly everyone, isn’t it? I ordered a year’s supply straight away on Amazon’. Jones has since gone on to buy hundreds of Gillette Fusion razors for her husband, 3 different nail fungus treatments and numerous carpet cleaners.

‘Interestingly, one thing I’ve noted is that there’s only usually around 100 respondents in these surveys’, continued Jones. ‘I guess it must be the costs of having a market researcher spend 4 weeks with you, watching you shower every day and then asking you as you towel yourself down whether your hair is a bit shinier.’

‘But I’m sure the results must have statistical significance and the data has been through the usual validity and reliability tests for robustness’, continued Jones. ‘thinking about it, they should probably add a link to the scientific journals where the results were published, so people could interrogate the evidence more and duplicate the study in a double blind trial if they wanted to’.

A spokesman for L’Oreal said ‘93% of 106 consumers we spoke to were more persuadable by scientific looking survey data than just the advert alone. And 87% of them liked to see the survey results in quite a big font, with 73% being swayed if the numbers presented were odd rather than even….Oh, look, just go and buy the bloody shampoo will you’.

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