‘You’ll never pack as quick as I scan’ confirms checkout cashier


A supermarket checkout cashier is much quicker at scanning items through the electronic point of sale technology than you could ever hope to pack them, and there’s absolutely no point in trying to keep up, it has been confirmed to you today.

The news was revealed as you did your weekly shop at your local Morrisons. Even with the best preparation possible, where you were able to set out all your bags for life nice and neatly in the packing area whilst the cashier was counting some vouchers or something, you still found yourself floundering after the first courgette was fired your way at breakneck speed , followed by a 12 pack of Andrex, and then some pasta.

Whilst you made a derisory attempt to catch up by grabbing the family pack of Walkers crisps right out of her hand and deliberately asking if an assistant could go and find you some riper bananas , you knew you were never really in with a shout, finishing up with around 50 items piled up next to you.

‘I never even got out of second gear to be honest’, sniffed Doris nonchalantly. ‘Its futile trying to keep up. You know it is. And yes, I know you put some fennel in there so I’d have to look it up manually on the weighing system. Now that’s £86.40 please. Whenever you’re ready’.

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