Churchill looked at not complying with legal treaty ‘in a specific manner’.


Historians have unearthed documents suggesting that in 1939 Churchill attempted to prevent Great Britain declaring war on Germany when they invaded Poland. Notes from Cabinet meetings that were returned from a private researcher who had loaned the notes for a book on Churchill include lines like ‘This is inconvenient, perhaps we could break this treaty in a limited and specific way?’, followed by, ‘How about we tell Poland to go fuck themselves, coming over here, taking all our jobs?’, followed by an entry in the margin that says, cryptically, ‘stop it Dom, that tickles’.

There is concern that the comments might not be authentic Churchill entries, given he exclusively used a fountain pen and most of the recently discovered entries are in biro save for one which looks suspiciously like a Sharpie. One of the most recent biographies written about Churchill, by Boris Johnson in 2015, failed to suggest that Churchill considered anything other than honouring the treaty, however as Johnson has only recently returned the research material due to being ‘very busy in Italy’, it has not provided enough time for an exhaustive check.

‘Ultimately we think it very unlikely any senior politician of any standing would have ever considered breaking an international treaty,’ said one political historian. ‘If only we had any senior politicians of any standing today,’ he added.

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