Protection officer praised for not leaving Dominic Raab unattended.


The protection officer guarding the public from Dominic Raab was today praised by security chiefs for accompanying the Foreign Secretary rather than stay with his firearm. On a returning flight from a visit to Disneyland, the minister’s protection officer removed his gun and holster to escort Mr. Raab to the cockpit, where the minister had been ‘cordially invited to assist the pilots in landing the aircraft’ using a plastic steering wheel on a pole suctioned to the floor.

A flight attendant, on the flight, attending, explained Mr Raab’s officer had to remove his holster: “The airline has a strict policy of not allowing passengers with guns into the cockpit.”

An advisor to Mr. Raab, elaborated: “The protection officer wasn’t allowed to leave Dominic unattended. He had no choice but to jettison the weapon. If the officer had left the minister and stayed with the gun; the consequences of which cannot be contemplated: a Labour Party recruitment fanatic could have been on board and filled the Foreign Secretary’s head with socialist befuddlement, or even convince the minster Game of Thrones had no connection with the BLM movement.

“The protection officer is there for more than the physical threat. Every political party knows it’s a ticking time-bomb leaving a loaded cabinet minister exposed to external influences. Someone left Blair unattended and he’s still going off now.”

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