Trump dismisses Biden as ‘a loser’ for paying income tax

America - Number One and Three

During his daily briefing in the White House, a defiant Donald Trump replied to some tricky questions about his tax returns, using it as an opportunity to adjust the angle of his hair and attack US Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden.

‘How could anyone too dumb to dodge paying income tax ever be any use as president?’ asked the self-styled smartest, most Trumpiest, president ever. ‘Who wants to have some loser who willingly gives his money to the government as their leader?

‘If you’re not smart enough to arrange your own finances competently & avoid paying any tax, how are you ever going to manage to run the country? You need to be smart – the smartestest ever – like me, and prove it by not doing dumb things like paying tax. All this stuff about me not paying tax is fake news. I pay a great load of tax. The greatestest ever load of tax. Fact. And no, I’m not going to take any more questions.’

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