Fears for Westminster at one minute past ten at night


Following Boris Johnson’s decision to issue confused lockdown rules that even confuse himself, there are widespread concerns that hordes of drunken MPs will spill out onto the pavement in Westminster every evening now that the bars are closing at ten o’clock, in line with the rest of the confused UK. ‘The image of post-curfew MPs in fancy dress, hugging while they conga to the nearest Bargain Booze, before repairing to one of their taxpayer funded second homes to pledge deep and ever lasting love for each other, isn’t one I can shake easily,’ said a dismayed Westminster resident today.

‘Me, I’ll just hunker down in my doorway and hope none of the delinquent, Covid spreading bastards stop by to hand me a fiver and take four pounds fifty change,’ he added.

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Posted: Sep 30th, 2020 by

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