Monarchy goes into administration

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The Monarchy – who specialise in long-haul high-cost holidays – have gone into administration with the loss of over several jobs worth millions of pounds. The London-based firm is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest established business enterprises, opening its first branch in Wessex during the summer of 871. It boasts a network of property interests with branches in Berkshire, Norfolk, Cornwall and Aberdeenshire.

Monarchy, whose family motto is ‘et plebem reddere’ once ruled the world, with a business empire covering half the globe, reaching its peak during the mid-1800s and becoming an iconic British brand despite the fact they all spoke German in private.

But in recent years Monarchy has been in decline, failing to keep pace with technological advances amid the onset of post-industrial globalisation. Critics have accused the firm of of running an outdated, anachronistic business model that belonged to a different era while the board and committee members became increasingly alienated from their traditional core support and ageing networks.

It is rumoured the current long serving leader could well be the last of the Monarchs. The younger Monarch employees complain the companies draconian hierarchy prevents them from developing as individuals and stops them from realising their true potential. And with vacancies still to be filled at Spud U Like and Burger King, maybe one day a former Monarchy employee will be able to realise their full potential after all.

It was reported that the former head of Monarchy turned up at her local benefits office this morning asking claimants ‘Hello – and what do you do?’, only to be told ‘Same as you love, get to the back of the queue.’

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