Identity of that person Angela Merkel reminds you of finally revealed

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After years of head-scratching and brain-racking it can finally be revealed just who it is that German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, reminds you of.

‘It’s been driving me bonkers for years now, says Teaching Assistant, Nadia Preece. ‘Every time Mrs Merkel pops up on the telly I ask my husband this very question and neither of are sure, but we both agree she’s the dead-spit of someone we know. But we just can’t place who it is. Arghh! It’s so annoying.’

And, Simon Etheridge, a Systems Analyst from Basingstoke agrees. ‘She’s one of those people. She doesn’t look like an international statesperson at all. She’s so… what can I say? ordinary…. but yet so oddly familiar.’

However what’s sure to be much to the relief of millions the mystery may now have finally been solved by a face recognition software company based in Cambridge.

After an intense research programme using computer-generated facial profiling where over 500,000 face types were analysed, it turns out that Mrs Merkel is simply just a dead ringer for that funny-looking woman always hanging around the back of churches at funerals and weddings, who’s not a family member, hasn’t been invited to the service, but who nevertheless just shows up for the hell of it.

When Mrs Merkel was told the news she commented: ‘Thank goodness that’s been cleared up, because every time I looked in the mirror it was driving me crazy too.’

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