Conspiracy against QAnon fuels conspiracy theory

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Facebook’s decision to ban QAnon posts from its platform has been interpreted as either a bold move against fake news, or just the sort of thing a Satan-worshipping paedophile ring would do. Ironically, the fear that shadowy forces are against you does not disappear when shadowy forces move against you – therefore banning conspiracy theorists unfortunately tends prove their point.

One sociologist explained: ‘If you want to discourage fans of conspiracy, just offer them verifiable facts and proof that the moon landing was real. Don’t dress up as a Martian from Roswell and then kidnap them, in order to show them who really shot JFK and where Elvis now lives’.

Outrageous theories that the Democratic Party has covered up child abuse, is not helped when Bill Clinton appears in all seven seasons of Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Millionaire Love Island’. It is accurate to say the Government is lying to you, just not about this.

Explained one deranged cyber warrior: ‘I wasn’t sure that criminal mastermind was behind Facebook’s action, at least not until I saw Nick Clegg. If he lied about student loans, he definitely lied about the Lindbergh baby being responsible for 9/11’.

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